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The London Clinic


  • General and Gastrointestinal Surgery

Sub specialties

  • Advanced laparoscopic surgery
  • Galbladder surgery
  • Anti-reflux surgery
  • Laparoscopic hernia surgery
  • Abdominal pain

Clinical interests

  • Gastrointestinal motility
  • Sports hernia
  • Surgery for type 2 diabetes
  • Roux en Y gastric bypass
  • Revisional bariatric surgery

Professional profile

Mr Andrew Jenkinson is a consultant surgeon with advanced training and expertise in laparoscopic, or keyhole, surgery.
Andrew works privately at The London Clinic on Harley Street and also for the NHS, at the prestigious University College London Hospital (UCLH).show more

Mr Jenkinson has had extensive training in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgical techniques in London, Europe and America. He has performed over 2,000 procedures to date.
Andrew Jenkinson currently carries out approximately 100 laparoscopic hernia operations and a similar number of gallbladder procedures per year.
Andrew has a specialist interest in the laparoscopic treatment of sports hernia (Gilmore’s groin). His training in bariatric, or obesity, surgery conforms with the criteria required by The British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMBS).
Andrew Jenkinson provides the full range of obesity surgery procedures, including gastric bypass, gastric band, sleeve gastrectomy and revisional bariatric surgery. Andrew performs approximately 200 weight loss procedures per year. He has a reputation for performing extremely safe surgery with a very low complication rate and a zero mortality rate. Andrew Jenkinson has been nominated as the lead clinician for quality and safety (governance) in GI surgery at UCH. In 2010, Mr Jenkinson founded The London Bariatric Group to help provide patients with a world class weight loss surgery service in London.
Andrew Jenkinson works with a strong team of allied health professionals to help patients before, during and after surgery. The service provides long term personal follow up which is essential to maintain the excellent results of surgery in the long term.
In 1999 Mr Jenkinson completed a Masters research thesis on the effectiveness of keyhole surgery in the treatment of acid reflux, which causes heartburn. Andrew has subsequently published extensively in the scientific literature and has presented at national and international meetings.
Mr Jenkinson continues his interests in research and development by sitting on the BOMBS sub-commities for Emerging Technologies and Education. Specialties Bariatrics, Laparoscopy, Hernia, Gallstones, Anti-reflux and Emergency Surgery.

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Personal profile

Andrew Jenkinson enjoys travel, music, playing squash, running and spending time with his family

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Current posts

  • Consultant Surgeon
    University College Hospital London
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer
    The Royal London Hospital
  • Surgical Lead at The Centre for Weight Loss, Metabolic and Endocrine Surgery UCLH
  • GI Services UCLH
  • The London Clinic

Medical training

Year qualified
  • Southampton Medical Schol
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Clinic location

116 Harley Street
London W1G 7JL
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Clinic times

Tuesday: 5.30pm - 8pm
Friday: 1.30pm - 5pm

Online network

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