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The London Clinic


  • Anaesthesia and Pain Management

Sub specialties

  • Men's and women's health / wellness
  • Pain management

Professional profile

I have considerable experience in urology, medicine and anaesthesia looking after patients going through major urological procedures like robotic surgery, cancer surgery and organ removal.

I also have a wealth of experience in preparing patients for major surgery to reduce their risk and likelihood of complications.

I've worked with many surgeons over a number of years to reduce patient risk and optimise them to be as fit as possible before surgery - this is paramount to any operation.

Personal profile

I am of Italian origin and love all things related to Italy, and I like to spend time there whenever I can.

I believe in well-being in every sense of the word and so feel strongly about good nutrition, daily exercise and healthy living - these parameters give us better health and a more fulfilled life.

I have completed five full marathons in London, New York and Berlin.

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Current posts

  • Consultant Anaesthetist
    The London Clinic
  • Consultant in Preoperative Preparation & Wellness
    The London Clinic

Medical training

Year qualified
  • Kings College Hospital London University

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