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The London Clinic recently started an apprenticeship initiative through City Gateway, to help give young people from disadvantaged or underprivileged backgrounds employment opportunities and experience.

Following a series of interviews with several candidates; Anwar Hussain, aged 19 years old was offered a position and joined the Clinic on 2 January 2014 and began his apprenticeship in the Clinic’s Human Resources and Training Department.

“I recently completed and passed my Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Public Services at Waltham Forest College and wasn’t sure what my next steps were. I knew that I wanted to get a job straight away as I am a hands-on, practical person. I decided to search for an apprenticeship which would help me develop myself and be ready for the work place with the skills required to succeed.

I was searching for an Apprenticeship provider when I came across City Gateway, a charity based in Tower Hamlets, where I am from. City Gateway was set up in 1999 by a group of city workers involved in local churches to help the Tower Hamlets community. It’s an area that hasn’t had the economic development that surrounding places in East London have received and is one of the most deprived local authority areas with the highest levels of unemployment in England.

City Gateway runs training courses for young people, aimed at progressing them into employment in partnership with a wide range of companies and community partners.  

Through them, I got this apprenticeship working for The London Clinic as a HR and Training Apprentice.

In my role I have three key areas of responsibility within the Clinic which are administration of the Clinic’s electronic HR employee management system, human resources and training administration.

I am really enjoying this apprenticeship as I’ve learnt a lot and have a better understanding and experience of how work life is.

I think the apprentice scheme is really helpful for people like me who may lack work experience and gives us the first step on the career ladder.”

Gillian Irvine, Human Resources and Training Director adds “Anwar is a fantastic addition to the HR and training team. He is professional and hard working with an enthusiasm to help out and learn. The London Clinic is proud to participate in the apprenticeship scheme and provide an opportunity for willing and eager young people to develop the essential skills that can help them in their future careers. ”

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