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Supporting The London Clinic independent hospital and charity through the COVID-19 Crisis

The London Clinic has come together with other independent hospitals to provide essential support for the NHS, allowing them to focus on supporting and treating everyone impacted by COVID-19. 

Our role in this first phase will be to take care of NHS cancer patients, providing 24/7 support and life-saving treatment in our advanced intensive care unit, pioneering cancer centre, 10 theatres and 230+ beds. 

We are mobilising all of our existing spare capacity as well as planning to bring older capacity back into use as quickly as we can upgrade, purchase and install new equipment. 

How can you help? 

We have been asked by friends, patients and their families, what they can do to support our efforts to keep the community healthy and support existing, severely ill patients with their treatments. 

One way to help is by making a donation so we can continue our impactful work in supporting our NHS communities, where people critically need our help. 

In the words of our Chief Executive, Al Russell

“Our colleagues in the NHS are working tirelessly, day and night, to support everyone in extreme circumstances. We are determined to support this effort with all the energy and capability we can muster.”

Your donation will immediately be put to use in purchasing additional medical supplies and equipment, including much needed ventilators, cancer care treatments and personal protection equipment, including gloves and masks for staff, patients and visitors. This will enable us to look after more patients than we are normally able to do.  

Together we can make the difference

We face unprecedented times that become more challenging as the days pass. COVID-19 is affecting us all and in many complex  ways. 

Coming together at this moment of greatest need will allow us to continue our impactful and critical medical work in taking care of the vulnerable, family and friends, and those amazing individuals who continue to care for our wellbeing. 

Making a donation

If you would like to make a donation to The London Clinic, please fill in your details on our donations page.

Make an online donation

Alternatively, please contact:

Louise Formby
Director of Philanthropy
E: l.formby@thelondonclinic.co.uk 
M: 07902 702619

Thank you for thinking of us and our patients.