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Our colorectal team

The colorectal team is situated on the third floor of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place. The unit is made up of 16 rooms, all with en-suite facilities.

The team includes three colorectal nurses and two colorectal healthcare assistants who provide personalised information, care and support to all patients admitted with colorectal surgical problems, or who are suffering from bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases.

The role of the team

Starting treatment for cancer, having stoma surgery or facing a chronic bowel  illness can be a confusing and worrying time for you and your family.

We try and see newly diagnosed cancer patients when they receive their diagnosis or immediately afterwards. From this point, we provide all support, information, and contact details that you will need.

When you are in surgery, the team will look after you during the operation, and also after all the other stages of your treatment.

The highly trained team of nurses and doctors provide care to you and your families by working in conjunction with:

  • Dieticians
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Complementary therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Counsellors
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists

The team's close links with other departments

The colorectal team has its own experienced physiotherapist who provides ongoing support if you are in ICU and continues upon your return your room. She will refer you to the occupational therapist should the need arise. 

There is a dedicated pharmacist who visits the area daily and reviews your prescription chart to make sure the medication is being used effectively for your condition. He supplies medication for you to use during your stay and when you are being discharged. 

In addition there is the resident dietitian who can advise on dietary needs. Should you require more complex feeding such as Intravenous feeding regimes, we have a dedicated TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition Team) who visit the 3rd floor daily to review your needs and adjust the calories and supplements in the food you are prescribed.

This team consists of a pharmacist and dietitian who liaise with the clinical assistant and clinical sister.

If You ARE an inpatient

Inpatients are seen on a regular basis on the wards so that practical support and information can be provided: wound care, diet, exercise, bowel function, stoma education and new appliances, etc.

Each patient is given a named person in the colorectal nurse team who they can contact at any time. Patients are encouraged to keep in touch between long-term follow-up appointments if there is anything at all they are worried.

Patients submitted for minor surgical procedures can also need a lot of support and advice, following discharge. We advise on wound and pain management, for complex fistula cases, and provide support for those caring for our patient’s in the community, or in our outpatient department.

Patients with new stomas, bowel function problems, and high anal fistulas will be supported after discharge as outpatients, by attending the nurse-led clinic.

Meet some of the colorectal team members

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