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Everything about The London Clinic, from our nurses to our chefs to the way we work, is focused on providing you with the very best care, throughout your stay. 

Unlike in most other hospitals, our medical teams form specialist units, each focused on a specific area of treatment. That means you benefit from uniquely knowledgeable and dedicated nursing and care staff.

We pride ourselves on the unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise among our dedicated team of healthcare professionals such as  specialist nurses, physiotherapists and dietitians – all working in close collaboration to provide the very best care pathway, designed specifically for you.

The high calibre of our staff is apparent from the 1,000 experienced nursing, clinical and support personnel working at the hospital. They deliver an extensive range of treatments and procedures, as well as a host of specialist support services.

Nursing TeamS

Our large team of expertly qualified nurses provides support for patients and also for the large number of consultants who practise privately at The London Clinic. The nurse to patient ratio is very good – with one nurse looking after no more than four patients. This contrasts favourably with other private hospitals and indeed most NHS wards, which have one nurse to 10–15 patients or more.


Many of our nursing teams are multilingual, speaking a second language which helps improve communication in reassuring our patients from all over the world. 


Our dedicated and professional nursing team has specialist skills and work closely with our consultants to provide an unrivalled level of care. The ward manager is involved with the smooth and efficient running of the ward. 

Under ward manager you have various roles within the department such as ward coordinator, day and night sisters as well as staff nurses and healthcare assistants.

The London Clinic employs more than 30 Specialist Nurses to provide support, information and interventions to assist with your care in conjunction with your consultant.


A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is a clinical expert in evidence based nursing practice within a specialist area.

The CNS coordinates an individual patient’s treatment pathway whilst working with the wider clinical team. 

We have many nurses specialising in cancer care and a variety of other specialist roles, including tissue viability, pain management and infection control.

The London Clinic breast team is a dedicated, patient focused team, committed to delivering the highest standards of quality care. Every member of the team is very experienced and highly skilled.

Cancer is not easy to deal with and different people find that they may need help in different ways. Our breast care clinical nurse specialists are available to support patients through this journey.

They are also there to support patients in making the progression back to their everyday lives. 

The London Clinic has two breast care clinical nurse specialists who provide patients and their families with individualised information, care and support before, during and after the various stages of their treatment. 

Each patient is given a named person in the breast care nurse team who they can contact at any time. Patients are encouraged to keep in touch between long-term follow up appointments if there is anything at all they are worried about.

Breast reconstruct​ion

Staff nurse Sally Clark offers an Areola Micropigmentation service for our breast surgery patients. This is a type of semi-permanent colour which is applied to the skin to recreate the colour and shape of the areola after a breast reconstruction. This service has been received very positively by our patients and consultants alike.

Breast surgery

The breast surgery team are experienced and highly skilled. They aim to achieve excellence in their roles, whatever their position in the team. Each member of the team is truly dedicated meaning that patients receive top class care from happy and knowledgeable team, with the 5th floor unit having an excellent record of staff retention.

The colorectal team is situated on the first floor of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place. The unit is made up of 16 rooms, all with en-suite facilities.

The team includes three colorectal and stoma nurses and two colorectal healthcare assistants.

They provide personalised information, care and support to all patients admitted with colorectal surgical problems, or who are suffering from bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

The Diabetes and Endocrinology team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of specialist diabetes and endocrine nurses, receptionists, secretaries, and complementary massage therapists who work closely with the London Clinic’s endocrine and diabetes consultants.

The team has close links to The London Clinic Eye Centre, where patients can be regularly checked and treated for the early signs of diabetic retinopathy.

The team works closely with The London Clinic's excellent vascular and orthopaedic specialists, useful for people with diabetes who develop foot problems or foot ulcers.

The team also works closely with experts in renal medicine.

Diabetes specialists

Jeanette Woods is the Diabetes Nurse Consultant and Faeeza Davids is the Diabetes Specialist Nurse. 

Endocrinology specialists

The team has two endocrinology nurse specialists and an endocrinology nurse prescriber; Susan Chan, Lorna Stimpson and Phillip Yeoh respectively. 

The ENT team, based on the 1st floor of the main hospital at 22 Devonshire Place, is made up of 13 experienced and qualified nurses with expertise in ENT, ophthalmology, maxillofacial and general surgery.

The Endoscopy department is based on the 7th floor of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place. 

The department is highly regarded because of its clinical excellence and speedy delivery of biopsy results.

The hospital's specialist consultants specifically use The London Clinic’s endoscopy services because of its sound reputation.

Located on the 5th floor of The London Clinic, the department has 16 individual en-suite patient bedrooms. Your care is provided by a mix of consultant, sisters, staff nurses, healthcare assistants as well as pharmacists, physiotherapists and clinical nurse specialists.

The gynaecology team can help support female patients being treated for:

We provide a core nursing service Monday Friday 8am - 4pm. 

We also provide some additional services from 4pm - 8pm most weekdays, and on some Saturday mornings where possible.

The pain consultants provide additional support with a consultant-led ward round, on at least four days.

The Pain Management Nursing Team:

  • Katharine Wall MSc DipHE, NMP, Lead Nurse
  • David Roche MSc Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Audra Mateviciene Clinical Nurse Specialist 

The Intensive Care Unit has a diverse team of staff reflecting the many cultures of our patients offering care that is patient centred with a commitment to continuing improvements that add value and quality to your stay.  

It prides itself on excellent systems informing thorough communication for your care, while ensuring safety and quality improvements based on patient feedback and a resilient audit programme.

Intensive care unit

Intensive Care Outreach team

The London Clinic provides an outreach service that monitors all patients, and picks up very quickly if a patient is likely to need assessment for ICU admission.

The outreach team is looked after by Carmel Gordon, and is based in the Intensive Care Unit, 2nd floor at the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place. 

The intensive care unit is able to accept admission of any patient within any of the wards of The London Clinic if their condition deteriorates and they need extra monitoring and care.

The outreach team acts as an early warning system of deteriorating health of ward patients through a system. Ward nurses record observations like blood pressure and heart rate, and combine these to give a score for each patient. 

By monitoring how that score changes provides instant information that a patient’s vital measurements are starting to decline.

Ward staff then alert the outreach team in the intensive care unit and patients who are a cause for concern are seen, reviewed and treated quickly on the ward if the problem is urgent. The decision to move a patient to the ICU may then be taken, and this is then accomplished as quickly as possible, with full support from an ICU fellow during the transfer.

The transfer is done without the need for an ambulance, as the ICU is close to all of the major wards.

Our dedicated kidney services are offered by a team of nephrologists covering all aspects of nephrology and kidney dialysis. Our specialised expertise spans a diverse range of kidney conditions.

Our specialist nursing team in dialysis is managed by Mona Angol who has been devoted to providing the best possible service for patients since she set up the department.

The urology and renal team is managed by Norma Mahlentle where primary kidney problems and a wide range of other disorders can be treated by the friendly and knowledgeable team, supported by specialist consultants.

Kidney services

These teams are based in the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place, and are located on the 5th floor of The London Clinic.

The department has 16 individual en-suite patient bedrooms and is staffed by a friendly, knowledgeable and expert team.

Your care is provided by a mix of your consultant, sisters, staff nurses, healthcare assistants as well as pharmacists, physiotherapists and clinical nurse specialists.

Liver services

The neurosciences unit is a major specialty at The London Clinic, which incorporates consultants and staff with expertise in neurology and neurosurgery. If you come to the neurosciences unit for your treatment you will have access to some of the finest consultants in London.

We also offer a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of neuroscience nurses and physiotherapists, as well as a speech therapist and dietician.

Neurologists and neurosurgeons work closely together in multi-discipline teams. 

The overall management and treatment plan for patients is overseen by the neurologist and the neurosurgeon provides surgical expertise when required.

Spine and brain services

The outpatients team

The outpatients and colposcopy team is based at 5 Devonshire Place. The department was set up in October 2006 and is run by Gail Jones, the dedicated outpatients and colposcopy manager. 

Each treatment room provides a medical environment in which a wide range of out-patient procedures are undertaken such as:

  • Sterile dressings
  • Removal of stitches and clips
  • Wound swabs
  • Joint Injections
  • Rigid sigmoidoscopies
  • Photodynamic therapy to pre-cancerous skin lesions

This is a small and friendly team that demands high standards in order to provide its first class service.

Other members of the team include:

  • Matthew Durston who works as a Healthcare Assistant and has been at our private hospital since the department opened in 2006.
  • Aimee Robinson, Staff Nurse, who started in November 2012 and works as an infection control link nurse.
  • Martha Ngafor, Staff Nurse , who started at The London Clinic in October 2011 and is working on the pre-admission pilot.
  • Emelda McNamara, a Staff Nurse who started in June 2010.

The excellent communication between the inpatient and outpatient process ensures continuity of care for the patients.


The team looks after one colposcopy suite, which always has a dedicated female nurse present. The team works alongside key colposcopy consultants where procedures such as LLETZ, colposcopy biopsy, cone biopsy to cervix, cryotherapy to cervix, endometrial biopsy, punch biopsy to cervix and insertion and removal of coils can be performed.


The team also includes laser specialists who look after two dedicated laser rooms with the teams’ annual laser safety audit receiving excellent results year on year.

The team works with eminent laser consultants who perform procedures such as non-ablative photo rejuvenation, skin tightening, hair removal, thread vein removal and skin rejuvenation to diffuse redness and facial telangectesia using the very latest laser equipment.


The team also can support patients in the removal and reapplication of plaster cast carried out by our Orthopaedic consultants or private plaster technician.

The plastic and reconstructive surgery team is based on the 5th floor unit of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place. They are a dedicated, patient focused team and are committed to delivering high quality care. 

The team take intense pride in ensuring that they all work together, and to enable this to be effective, there are systems and processes in place to ensure this happens day in, day out.

Plastic surgery services

6th floor team

The orthopaedics, spinal and bariatric surgery team (weight loss) is based on the 6th floor of the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place.

The team works closely with specialist consultant surgeons to make sure you are cared for by nurses who know just what you need.

There are 24 people in the team, made up of healthcare assistants, specialist nurses, sisters and managers.

Our spinal nursing team is dedicated to looking after patients with spinal problems.  They work closely with consultant spinal surgeons to make sure you are cared for by nurses who know just what you need.

Spine and brain services

The theatres team is the largest at The London Clinic and they are a proficient and professional team of skilled personnel. 

The team is based in both the Minimally Invasive Therapy Unit (MITU) and in main theatres, both at the main hospital site.

The team originate from all over the world, bringing a wealth of experience with them, and they all work extremely well as a team.

The London Clinic is known for its acquisition of the latest technology and the team are always willing and able to learn the techniques associated with the new equipment.

Our expert Urology team is based on the 4th floor of the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place. The urology team is looked after by Norma Mahlente. 

The team has particularly close ties with:

  • Theatres and robotic surgery
  • Minimally invasive therapy and day surgery unit (MIT/DSU)
  • Dialysis
  • Urology consultants

Urology services

The team is located on the 2nd floor of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place.

The team works closely with other departments across the hospital, in particular radiology, endocrinology, The Duchess of Devonshire Wing and consultants.

Vascular and vein treatments

Cancer Care Teams

The Medical Physics team in an equipment room

The department comprises of six Medical Physicists and two Dosimetrists. Our team works very closely with many other areas in the clinic, primarily with:


The London Clinic’s physicists and dosimetrists work closely in multidisciplinary teams with experts from all specialities to manage and develop new treatments and techniques.

They ensure that complex treatments are precisely tailored to suit the individual needs of each patient and that they are accurately delivered with strong emphasis on patient safety.

All members of The London Clinic’s palliative care team have specialist training and many years of experience providing symptom control, palliative, supportive and end of life care in community, hospital and hospice settings.

The Radiotherapy team believes that our patients should expect, and receive, the best treatment and care available. We will constantly be delivering the latest cutting-edge practice to achieve this.

The Radiotherapy team

The department is situated in Basement 1, Basement 2 and Basement 3 of the Duchess of Devonshire Wing at 22 Devonshire Place and opened in 2009 as part of The London Clinic’s new state of the art cancer facility.

The radiotherapy department is on three floors with the first housing the pre-treatment and review areas (Basement 1).

The second radiotherapy floor is basement 2 and this is where the Medical Physics team are based.

Basement 3 is the radiotherapy treatment floor, holding our 3T MRI scanner which was installed in 2018.

You will find all radiotherapy staff highly skilled, efficient and caring. We will treat you in a safe, comfortable and friendly environment where we respect your privacy, confidentiality and dignity.

The stem cell transplant unit was established in 1985. The unit is a purpose built stem cell transplant/malignant haematology unit featuring positive pressure ventilation and HEPA filtration.

We are also the preferred provider as a stem cell harvesting centre for the Anthony Nolan Trust. We perform autologous matched sibling and matched unrelated donor stem cell transplant.

We are a well-known facility within the stem cell and transplant communit and have SLAs with Bart's Health, Anthony Nolan and Imperial (St Mary’s and Hammersmith).

Therapies Team

The dietetics and nutrition team work across all teams in the hospital, from the kitchens to pharmacy. Around 90% of the teams’ time is spent on inpatient services across the hospital, of which a majority is nutritional support.

The Physiotherapy department at The London Clinic is based on the sixth floor of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place.

Our specialist team offer a range of acquatic therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, and strength and conditioning training interventions to both inpatients and outpatients.

Full Physiotherapy team

Support TeamS

The Appointments team is often the first point of contact for patients wishing to come to The London Clinic for their care.

The Appointments Office is central to patients, consultants, secretaries and other healthcare professionals in obtaining information about The London Clinic and for booking appointments with consultations. 

The team works alongside The London Clinic’s nurses and nursing departments, as well as through our consultants and secretaries. The appointments team is passionate about providing a friendly, sensitive and knowledgeable service that puts patients’ needs above all else.

The priority is our patients and their needs and requirements. The team ensures that they are empathetic to patients’ needs and treat each as an individual.

The Patient Liaison team have all worked at The London Clinic for a number of years and take pride in the depth and breadth of expertise within the team. The patient liaison office is based on the ground floor of the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place and also The Duchess of Devonshire Wing at 22 Devonshire Place.

The team is able to deal with all types of administrative enquiries, aiming to provide a professional and patient friendly service to help you prior to and during your stay at The London Clinic.

The team deal with any administrative issues arising during your patient stay to ensure that they are dealt with promptly and can offer advice and help on issues such as insurance pre-authorisation procedures, settlement of your accounts, information on the financial aspects of your stay and to understand our billing process.

The team liaise with insurance companies on a daily basis in order to obtain authorisation for patients’ who are due to be admitted to The London Clinic and to ensure that patients’ are admitted to the Clinic expediently and efficiently. The team also liaises with foreign embassies for our overseas sponsored patients.

The team aim to make sure that your stay at The London Clinic is as smooth and enjoyable as possible but if you have any queries about your stay please contact us and we will try to assist you.

Other teams

Group photo of the Clinical Trials Team

The London Clinic Research Centre (CRC) is the dedicated research department at The London Clinic, responsible for the management and conduct of clinical trials and other forms of research within the hospital.

Our International team is based at our 5 Devonshire Place address and is on hand for all of your queries, by telephone, email and in person.

International office team

The team is committed to providing patients with the highest standard of imaging services, striving to ensure patients are looked after from the first minute they have contact with the department until completion of their imaging procedures.

The team aims to accommodate and provide the best service possible to our referring Clinicians.

 The team offers a wide range of state-of-the-art imaging services across two comfortable and welcoming sites for both in-patient and out-patient procedures.

HoteL Services TeamS

As well as our experienced and dedicated nursing teams,  we are committed to providing our patients with an overall experience akin to a quality hotel. Our housekeepers, chefs, waiters and waitresses, reception and administration staff have one common goal – to make our patients feel special.

As a patient of The London Clinic you will be able to enjoy dishes from a menu that features traditional British favourites and International cuisine. 

The team of skilled chefs have honed their skills around the globe and are able to deliver a bespoke meal service.  Indian, Italian, Lebanese, Southern European and Asian dishes are all covered by our specialist cuisine chefs. 

And to finish, our pastry chefs create a selection of mouth watering desserts that we hope you will enjoy.

The expert Chefs work with the dieticians and speech therapist to create meals and snacks that support your care and healthy wellbeing. 

Eating when you are unwell can be difficult, so our dedicated team of chefs will also produce simple, home cooked style dishes that are tried and well tested. 

The best fresh ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, skilfully prepared and cooked with care and attention to detail.

Individual tastes are what make us all different and special, our menus are written to suit most tastes, but if you would really like something that’s not on the menu, just ask.

About our food

Food service team group photograph

The dedicated team of food service staff are committed to providing the highest quality service to enhance the patient experience. 

The team prides itself on their flexible approach and as a team will go out of our way to ensure patients have the right variety of food and beverages to meet their needs.

The food service team works closely with the clinical teams and dieticians to ensure they can provide a complete approach to food service.

Front of house team group photograph

You deserve a special welcome when you come to The London Clinic. The front of house team come from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and nationalities and have one thing in common – their passion and commitment to serve and deliver the best possible customer service.

The front of house team is here to provide a range of reception and patient services to you. They are knowledgeable of the local area and can normally resolve and respond to most requests.

The team covers a variety of roles within The London Clinic and operate 24/7, 365 days a year. 

In a typical day they manage:

  • 1,200 incoming calls to switchboard
  • 2,000 letters in and out of the post room
  • Four main receptions in three buildings
  • to welcome approximately 150 visitors a day
  • Covering approximately six miles on foot to collect and distribute our post

Housekeeping team group photograph

The housekeeping team is made up of 113 Clinic staff who work around the clock to ensure that The London Clinic is clean and tidy in all areas; from the patients’ private rooms to the communal areas enjoyed by all.

The housekeeping team is responsible for the cleanliness of every part of the clinic.

In a typical week the team:

  • Covers seven buildings on Harley Street and Devonshire Place
  • Cleans approximately 160 patient rooms a day
  • Replenish 1,080 toilet rolls a week
  • Generate 6,000 litres of recycling a week

The team is passionate and proud to work at The London Clinic, taking satisfaction in delivering a clean and welcoming environment.

The London Clinic provides interpreters in a range of different languages.

Please visit our International section to enquire about this service.


Staff Training Fund

The London Clinic is committed to the professional development and training of all our staff. Trainees are always supervised by qualified personnel.

Patients can donate to the staff training and education fund which will be invested in training and developing our staff.

This will allow them an opportunity to gain support for education, training and development in their area of expertise.

Our Charity