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The London Clinic has been providing placements for nursing students from City University for over 20 years as part of our charitable status.

We were extremely proud to receive one of City University’s Commended Placements of the Year awards in February 2014. The award celebrates excellence in supporting students’ learning whilst on placements and is based upon student nominations.

Lauren Preece has undertaken two placements with us and explains her experience of training at The London Clinic.

“I am currently studying for a BSc Adult Nursing and have had two placements at the Clinic, three months last summer and a two week elective placement in April this year.

My placements at The London Clinic have helped me to experience different specialities and enabled me to gain an insight into how different health professionals work to become an effective team. They gave me the opportunity to begin to think about where I would like to work once I have gained my registration.

Once I am a Registered Nurse I hope to find a job in my chosen speciality and develop my knowledge and skills so that I can reach the gold standard of nursing care, like here at The London Clinic.

I enjoyed working with the breast team as I found it interesting the impact that diseases such as breast cancer can have on a woman's self-esteem. It can be easy for us to sidestep psychological issues, so I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work alongside nurses who ensured I was aware of it, something that I will be able to carry with me throughout my nursing career.

Like many nursing students, undertaking my first skills is always nerve-racking but the health professionals at The London Clinic gave me the support that I needed to ensure that I was able to do it with confidence as they provided me with feedback, something that is invaluable to a student.

The only advice I would give to other students would be to ensure that they turn up with enthusiasm. There are many opportunities to learn at the Clinic, whether that be having the opportunity to go down to theatres or to work alongside a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

My view on The London Clinic? Simply the gold standard of care.”

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