At The London Clinic we offer a wide range of vascular and vein services from leading consultants.

Vascular surgery at The London Clinic expanded recently with the introduction of a hybrid operating theatre, which was completed in July 2012.

From here we undertake a range of vascular and endovascular procedures, including those for the most complex conditions.

Having a hybrid operating theatre combines the equipment and conditions necessary for successful and safe surgery with imaging technology that is essential to endovascular surgery.


The hybrid operating theatre allows us complete flexibility in the procedures we need to do so that we can:

Combine endovascular surgery and open vascular surgery in a planned procedure, or switch between the 2 techniques as required by individual circumstances. The lighting in the hybrid operating theatre, for example, is completely adjustable so that it can be modified to suit the procedure.

Use sophisticated X-ray imaging, including CT-type scans at any point in the procedure, whether this is planned or unplanned. The imaging equipment has been installed in a ‘pull-out’ design, so that it is immediately accessible, but is out of the way when not in use.


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