Our hospital's Quality Report for 2016 explains our commitment to providing the best possible patient care. It highlights the areas we have been working to improve and those we will focus on over the coming year. 


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) carried out a routine inspection on 22 January 2014. This inspection focused on our cancer services and found that we met the standards tested which were:

  • Treating people with respect and involving them in their care
  • Providing care, treatment and support that meets people's needs
  • Caring for people safely and protecting them from harm
  • Staffing
  • Quality and suitability of management

The inspection report was published on 11 March 2014 and is available on the CQC website here.

The CQC undertook a more detailed routine inspection of all of our services in November 2016. Results are expected soon. 



Our reputation has been built on both the exceptional levels of our medical expertise and devotion to our patients’ comfort and wellbeing for over 85 years. We focus on combining the warmth of individual patient care with internationally acclaimed medical, surgical and technical expertise delivered by the highest calibre consultants and staff.

Our enviable nurse-to-patient ratio ensures we can provide personal, responsive care at all times. Whether you are a day care patient, an inpatient or a visitor, you can be confident that our sensitive and approachable staff will treat you with respect, consideration and offer advice or reassurance.

We have a 24 hour consultant-led Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and intensive care outreach team, as well as dedicated, specialist ICU fellows who provide around the clock support to our consultants and nursing teams. This enables us to meet any need for immediate care, day or night.

We pride ourselves on our approach to hygiene and cleanliness, which is reflected in our very low infection rates.  Our specialist Infection Control Team scrupulously maintains our high standards.