Plastic, reconstructive and weight loss surgery teams

The plastic and reconstructive surgery team is based on the 5th floor unit of the main hospital at The London Clinic at 20 Devonshire Place.

They are a dedicated, patient focused team and are committed to delivering high quality care. 

The team is managed by Marian Branniff, a highly experienced and knowledgeable individual whom has been employed at The London Clinic for many years. 

Marian’s team take intense pride in ensuring that they all work as a team, and to enable this to be effective, there are systems and processes in place to ensure this happens day in day out.

Patient care and standards

The team maintains exceptional levels of care:

  • Checking all aspects of patient care to ensure standards are adhered to
  • Receiving very positive feedback both verbal and in written form
  • Maintaining a great sense of achievement and pride in all the teams work
  • Student placements are an important part of what the team does well. A recent student audit showed a 100% satisfaction score

A highly skilled and experienced team

The aim of the team is to achieve job satisfaction for every member, whatever their position.

As a result of this dedication to building a happy team, they have an excellent record of staff retention in the 5th floor unit which means that patients receive top class care from experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Breast reconstruction patients

The team provides an Areola Micripigmentation service for our breast surgery patients.

This is a type of semi-permanent colour (cosmetic tattoo) applied to the skin of your breast to recreate the colour and shape of the nipple areola after breast reconstruction.

This service has been received very positively by patients and Consultants alike. 

Staff Nurse Sally Clark provides this service so if you would like further information about this service you can contact Sally by calling switchboard on +44 (0) 207 935 4444 and asking to speak to the breast unit.

The weight loss (bariatric surgery) team

The bariatric surgery team (weight loss) is based on the 6th floor of the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place and is led by Catherin Cullinane, who is dedicated to looking after patients undergoing weight loss surgery. 

The team works closely with bariatric consultants spinal surgeons to make sure you are cared for by nurses who know just what you need.

There are 24 people in the team, made up of healthcare assistants, specialist nurses, sisters and managers. Catherine is dedicated to training her team up to the most exceptional standards to ensure you get the care and support you need. 

Dedication to progression and training

An example of this dedication to progression and training is Marites Gasson, a member of staff who joined The London Clinic as a cleaner on the floor, and showing an interest and natural aptitude for healthcare has developed her experience and has trained to become a healthcare assistant on the floor.

Patients are cared for by dedicated staff, evidence shown in some of the heartwarming testimonials the team have received.

Training for the future

This philosophy filters down through her entire team and the department is actively involved in student training.

Amanda Davieson a sister on the ward, works closely with Catherine, and also acts as sign off mentor, one of only three in the entire hospital, helping to train clinical staff coming up through the ranks.

It’s hard for me to fully explain how important you have all been to me on this 6th floor. You all keep me smiling when I’m not feeling quite so good and optimistic if I start to waiver. It’s fabulous to know I have so much support and you always keep me motivated.36 year old patient