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UK insured patients

If you are insured by a UK company or sponsored by your company, you will be covered by any agreement which exists between The London Clinic and the insurer. You should ask your insurer to confirm that it will cover your treatment and make sure you are clear about any exceptions in your policy. If there are any exceptions, you may be required to pay for some hospital or consultant charges.

Personal items such as telephone calls, newspapers and take-home medication will be payable when you’re ready to go home.  We will ask you for your credit card when you first arrive so that you don’t have to worry about payment when you are leaving.

Paying for your own treatment

If you are paying for your own treatment, you will be asked to pay a deposit when you arrive.  Your overall treatment cost will include a variety of charges, as follows:

  • Hospital charges - these fees cover the services we provide directly for you while you are here, such as nursing care, 24-hour access to resident medical officers, medical supplies, use of medical and surgical equipment, room and meals, and general housekeeping. These standard charges are billed separately from consultant and other professional fees.
  • Consultant and other professional fees - services provided by your consultant(s) are billed directly to you, separately from other treatment fees and hospital charges. There may also be other consultants involved in your treatment plan or as part of your medical and/or surgical team. These could include anaesthetists, radiologists or intensivists. They will each invoice you separately.
  • Charges after you’ve left the hospital - you may find some charges added to your account for up to 48 hours after you have been discharged. These are usually for consumables, pharmacy and pathology items.  If you have any queries about your personal account while you are in the Clinic, please telephone our Patient Liaison Office on +44 (0) 20 7616 7711.

If you have arranged a package price for your treatment, this will include all the charges above and will need to be paid in full before you come in to hospital.

  • Personal charges - during your stay you will have a personal account to cover the cost of special nursing, take-home medication, laundry and dry cleaning, consumables and non-medical items such as telephone calls, visitors’ meals, newspapers, etc.
  • We will ask you for your credit card when you first arrive to pay for any of these items.

International patients

If your sponsor has been approved by The London Clinic, we will send our   invoices directly to your embassy or sponsoring organisation.  If you are paying for treatment yourself, you will be asked to provide a deposit for your clinic fees when you are admitted. You will then be asked to settle your account in full before you leave. 

We will also ask you for your passport when you arrive and we will return it to you when you leave hospital.

Whether you are a sponsored patient or paying for your own treatment, you will also need to pay any personal charges including take-home medications, newspapers ordered during your stay, telephone calls and visitors’ meals and drinks.

If you are a sponsored patient, we will ask you for a deposit of £100 to cover these expenses, as they are not normally covered by an embassy or sponsoring organisation.

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