At The London Clinic we offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic services to get to the root of your problem efficiently and effectively. These include a full diagnostic pathology service in our cutting edge pathology laboratory.

We have invested heavily in both the best available equipment and in providing our staff with high quality training to make sure you have access to the appropriate diagnostic technology and techniques whenever you need them. 

The London Clinic provides a full spectrum of pathology services, with superbly equipped laboratories and highly trained biomedical scientists to deliver the results of your investigations with the speed and accuracy you deserve. 

These are backed up by a consultant-led advisory service. 

In November 2009, we opened our new automated blood science laboratory at 116 Harley Street as part of our continual drive to improve and extend our pathology services.

The laboratory is equipped with the latest Abbott Accelerator™ Automated Processing System™ with the capability of performing 1,200 tests per hour.

Quality assurance

The pathology laboratory participates fully in external quality assurance schemes, including UK NEQAS and WEQAS, for all investigations performed in-house and additionally operates a strict internal quality control programme. We realise that quality results are of the utmost importance to you and we operate to stringent technical and administrative standards.

Estimates of measurement uncertainty are available on request from the relevant laboratory.

In excess of 90% of your current requests are processed at our in-house laboratory, which is accredited by CPA(UK) Ltd in all disciplines. When we need to use external laboratories, we ensure, where possible, that they are CPA accredited.