Date: 03 October 2014

We have donated 23 life-saving defibrillators to South Mid Sussex Community First Responders, a charity of trained members of the public who volunteer their time to respond to 999 calls within a three-mile radius of their home.

Trained by the ambulance service, responders often arrive prior to the paramedics and in the event of a cardiac arrest, can commence life-saving treatment using a defibrillator, which shocks the patient’s heart back into rhythm. Each responder carries one of these pieces of equipment, which can cost in excess of £1,500 if purchased.

Nuala Close, Matron says “We are proud to provide support to such an important cause. Defibrillators are key pieces of equipment for emergency teams and by delivering a shock to the patient’s heart within the first few minutes  of cardiac arrest, the patient’s chance of survival increases dramatically. We hope the donation will be of significant benefit to First Responders and the South Mid Sussex community.”

Lee Carr, Emergency Care Support Worker and Assistant team leader from South Mid Sussex Community First Responders adds; “By donating these defibrillators to our charity, The London Clinic has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to save lives and for this we are extremely thankful.”

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