Date: 17 May 2013

Latest research to be presented at The London Clinic will demonstrate a new minimally invasive procedure, helping millions of men with enlarged prostate.

New procedure administered under local anaesthesia will provide men with BPH symptom relief and improved urinary flow along with preserved sexual function

The London Clinic will soon be offering male patients a new procedure proven to significantly improve the quality of life for those suffering Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), better known as enlarged prostate.  Research to be presented at The London Clinic to the Urology section of the Royal Society of Medicine by Professor Thomas McNicholas today, will demonstrate how the NeoTract’s UroLift® prostate implant can significantly help men who suffer from enlarged prostate. 

The successful completion of the research in America by NeoTract highlights the potential this minimally invasive treatment can provide patients.  Results show that patients receiving the UroLift® implants reported rapid improvement in their symptoms including increased urinary flow rates.  68% of study subjects did not require a catheter after the procedure and the mean duration of catheter use for the others was less than a day. Also, by not chemically altering or surgically damaging the prostate, as with BPH drugs or surgical approaches, there was no occurrence of loss of ejaculatory or erectile function in any study patient.

BPH is a common condition affecting more than 500 million men worldwide.  Symptoms include loss of productivity and sleep, depression and generally decreased quality of life.  Medication has long been the first option for treatment but in some instances this has proven inadequate and only temporary.  Some of these patients suffer sexual dysfunction, dizziness and headaches leading them to cease taking their medication. For these patients it is hoped the UroLift® System could become the first option for treatment.

Simon St Clair Carter, Clinical Director at The London Clinic and President of the urology section of the Royal Society of Medicine says: “The London Clinic has already treated its first patient using UroLift® and we are looking forward to changing the lives of many more men through the procedure which is proven to improve urinary flow rates and preserve sexual function.”

Dave Amerson, President of NeoTract says: “We are very pleased that The London Clinic is now offering patients the UroLift® System treatment. UK men suffering from BPH should know that they do not need to
suffer in silence and can get help for their condition.”

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