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Date: 23 January 2017

Our liver health experts Dr Shahid Khan, Dr Alastair O’Brien and Dr Patrick Kennedy are featured in lifestyle magazines Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health and in charity Drinkaware’s campaign to help people cut down their alcohol consumption.

Men’s Health magazine feature Dr Shahid Khan in their video and blog about their journalist, Jonathan Thompson, giving up alcohol for 100 days. Dr Khan took a FibroScan of Jonathan’s liver and provided advice about taking action to reduce future liver damage. To view this video, please click here

Dr Alastair O’Brien gives an interview to Cosmopolitan UK about how drinking alcohol can widely effect a person’s health, including their skin, sleep and liver health. To read this story, please click here

Charity Drinkaware feature Dr Patrick Kennedy in their new ‘Have a little less, feel a lot better’ campaign video to help people reduce their alcohol intake. One patient lost 12 pounds in six week, watch their story here


If you would like to understand more about your liver health, we can provide expert advice and a FibroScan liver test (pictured above) which is painless and takes around 15 minutes.

Please contact us on +44 (0) 203 219 3315 or visit our liver health website to find out more information.

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