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Services for men

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Consultant urologists at The London Clinic offer treatments for all urological disorders. Prostate cancer treatment is a major area of expertise and we have a team of dedicated urologists offering male infertility assessment and treatment, penile reconstruction surgery and treatment for erectile dysfunction. =

Our urology specialty is closely linked with robotic surgery, and surgeons use the da Vinci® robot at the Clinic to perform radical prostatectomy, surgery for bladder cancer and surgery for kidney cancer, including partial nephrectomy. 

Prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment

Urological specialists working within the The London Clinic offer all aspects of prostate cancer care. Find out more about:

Treatment for urinary incontinence

Our consultant urologists offer a range of treatments for male urinary incontinence.

Male infertility, sexual dysfunction and penile reconstruction

When a couple has difficulty conceiving, the infertility may originate in the male partner but male infertility is often ignored and undertreated.  At The London Clinic, we offer a comprehensive service that provides:

  • Assessment and treatment for male infertility
  • Vasectomy reversal

We also offer surgical reconstruction of the penis, penile reshaping and surgical implants to treat erectile dysfunction.

Click here for more on our male sexual dysfunction services

Other treatments available:


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Why choose The London Clinic?

What makes The London Clinic special and why should you choose to have your private treatment with us?

The guiding principle of The London Clinic has always been to deliver exceptional patient care.  This was the focus in 1932 when the Clinic opened and it has remained the ethos we have followed for the past 80 years.

Find out more about our leading consultants, dedicated staff and ground-breaking treatments.

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Making an appointment at The London Clinic couldn’t be easier, whether you use your private medical insurance, pay for your own treatment or are funded through a third party. 

As London's leading independent private hospital, we offer appointments with some of the best consultants in the country and indeed worldwide.

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Map and directions

Our interactive map and directions facility provides all the information you need about getting to The London Clinic. 

Find out where each of our buildings are located, plan your journey and even find local parking.

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