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Preparing for your stay

When you to come for your stay at The London Clinic, please bring the following along with you:

  • Copies of your medical information – for example any X-rays, scans or medical records relating to your treatment.
  • A list of your current medication (including creams, ear/eye drops, inhalers, herbal or over-the-counter preparations) and dosages, along with any medication you take in its original packaging (not decanted into a pill box).
  • Nightwear, underwear and a dressing gown.
  • Non-slip slippers, or slippers with a good grip, to help avoid any slips and falls.
  • Toiletries (we provide towels, soap, shampoo and shower caps).
  • Comfortable clothes to wear when you leave the hospital.
  • Any magazines, books, laptops and chargers you would like to have with you.

If you are covered by medical insurance

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If you are paying for your own treatment

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Making your stay as comfortable as possible

You will meet a variety of people who all have your care as their priority. You will be looked after by a team of doctors, clinical assistants, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and many others. We also offer a chaperone service to all patients receiving treatment at The London Clinic.

When you arrive at The London Clinic, one of our patient liaison officers will meet with you to complete your paperwork and take payment information before one of our hospital porters shows you to your room and explains the facilities.