The London Clinic is one of the first private hospitals in the UK to introduce the Endocuff Vision - a simple, yet revolutionary, new device which is proven to help increase the detection of pre-cancerous polyps as part of bowel cancer screening.

A colonoscopy is a way of examining the lining of the bowel from the inside and is the most thorough and effective way of diagnosing and preventing bowel cancer. The colonoscopy can also detect and remove polyps in the bowel.

ENDOCUFF VISION™ is a single-use sleeve which fits onto the end of an endoscope. It has hinged arms that lie flat against the endoscope to aid insertion and to expand the folds of bowel during assessment to improve visibility.

Most adenomas and cancers are found in the sigmoid colon, one of the narrowest parts of the colon. Using the ENDOCUFF VISION™ has proved really effective, helping to open up the area and stretch out folds so there is nowhere for small polyps to hide.Dr Lisa DasConsultant Gastroenterologist


In the media

A recently published study in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, revealed that using the ENDOCUFF VISION™ during colonoscopy, significantly increased polyp detection rate (also known as adenoma detection rate).

The use of ENDOCUFF VISION™ has shown to increase the rate of adenoma detection from 55.13% to 68.98%, resulting in a total 13.8% increased detection rate.

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