The diabetes and endocrinology team is a multidisciplinary team consisting of specialist diabetes and endocrine nurses, receptionists, secretaries, and complementary massage therapists who work closely with the London Clinic’s endocrine and diabetes consultants to provide a team effort for the care of all the patients.

Diabetes specialists

Jeanette Woods is the Diabetes Nurse Consultant and Faeeza Davids is the Diabetes Specialist Nurse. They form part of an experienced and expert team and provide a personalised and bespoke service for patients with all forms of diabetes or endocrine conditions.

Endocrinology specialists

The team has two endocrinology nurse specialists and an endocrinology nurse prescriber; Susan Chan, Lorna Stimpson and Phillip Yeoh respectively. 

Our relationships across the hospital

  • The team has close links to The London Clinic Eye Centre, where patients can be regularly checked and treated for the early signs of diabetic retinopathy.
  • The team works closely with The London Clinic’s excellent vascular and orthopaedic specialists, useful for people with diabetes who develop foot problems or foot ulcers.
  • The team also works closely with experts in renal medicine.

This expertise is all available on site at The London Clinic, and the team achieve high-level collaboration that gives instant access to a range of surgeons and physicians, if and when it is required for diabetes patients.