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Professional profile

I have used all manner of lasers for skin treatments since 1998 and currently offer an extensive service at The London Clinic.
I also train doctors, nurses and aestheticians in the use of dermatological laser therapy.
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The range of treatments include excess hair removal for conditions such as:
- Hirsutism (excessive hair growth ) due to Polycystic Ovaries and family traits
- Folliculitis ( inflammation around hair follicles)
- Pilonidal Sinus Disease
I also use lasers in many vascular conditions:
- Thread veins/ talengectesia on face and body
- Spider Naevi
- Haemangiomas (Campbell de Morgan spots)
- Rosacea
I also undertake laser skin rejuvenation for:
- Improvement of skin texture
- Reduction in pores and fine wrinkles
- Improvement of scars
- Photorejuvenation
- Uneven skin pigmentation
- Brown spots
- Laxity of skin
I use the following Lasers at the London Clinic:
- Alexandrite
- Nd Yag
- Prowave
- Limelight
- Titan
- Lasergenesis
I am happy to take referrals from other consultants or see patients for advice as to the role of laser treatment in their condition.
- L Marza (2014) Management of Hirsutism and Laser Treatment. Arab Health Magazine. September issue
- L Marza (2014) Laser hair removal protocol- nursing perspective. Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (in print)
- L Marza (2013) The case for lasers in reducing the recurrence of Pilonidal Sinus Disease. Nursing Times ( 109) 25 :22-24
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- Royal College of Nursing
- British Medical Laser Association
- Care Quality Committee Specialist Advisor
- Journal of Aesthetic Nursing Reviewer
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Personal profile

Liliana's personal interests include:
- Geology and Geophysics in which I received my 1st Masters Degree
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- Walks, expeditions and documentaries to do with the natural world
- Learning Flamenco dancing
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Romanian, German, French
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