At The London Clinic, we offer various surgical options to alleviate snoring. Before we recommend a course of treatment we first carry out a comprehensive assessment and screening to find out if you have simple snoring, or whether your snoring is causing you to stop breathing. Click here for more information on snoring treatment

Snoring occurs when the air that is flowing through your nose and mouth gets blocked while you sleep. This makes the soft tissue of your throat vibrate which results in the snoring noise.

Beyond first option treatments such as lifestyle changes and breathing devices, surgery can help to treat the condition.

If your breathing is obstructed when you snore, this can cause sleep apnoea, which can affect your daytime functioning much more:

  • You may find that you are sleepy during the day, which can be a problem if you have a job that includes driving or operating machinery.
  • Your cognitive skills can be affected and you may find it difficult to concentrate.
  • Over time, sleep apnoea can adversely affect your heart and lungs, causing your health to deteriorate.

If you are diagnosed with simple snoring there are a number of measures you can try to help to improve the condition. These include changing your sleep patterns, using special bedding to change the position in which you sleep, or using breathing devices that you wear in your mouth while you sleep.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnoea then you may need to consider snoring surgery to prevent long-term effects on your health and lifestyle.

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