The medical physics team

The department comprises of six Medical Physicists and two Dosimetrists.

Our team works very closely with many other areas in the clinic, primarily with:

  • Radiotherapy (external beam and CyberKnife)
  • Nuclear Medicine and the Oncology ward (radionuclide therapy)
  • Theatres for certain surgical radiotherapy implants (brachytherapy).

Radiotherapy and physics working together

Radiotherapy equipment can be expensive and complex. It represents a large investment in state of the art technology by the clinic and subsequently it has to be efficiently and safely implemented.

Linear accelerators and treatment planning systems have to be evaluated for performance to ensure the best available is purchased.

Medical physics undertakes all radiotherapy treatment planning, sometimes by Physicists mostly by highly skilled Dosimetrists. These treatment plans can be for any part of the patient’s anatomy and the complexity of the technique required in an individual case can vary greatly.

Both staffing groups advise doctors when required on the best treatment strategies for their patients.

Particularly complex patient treatments are individually evaluated by highly detailed measurements by Physicists on the treatment machine prior to treatment, requiring a high level of skill and analysis.