A guiding principle of The London Clinic was to provide exceptional care and treatment to patients. 

A key factor in this was having the right people guiding the Clinic and delivering that care.

Our leading consultants

Consultants at The London Clinic are leaders in their field, with world-class expertise and reputations. Indeed, many of the doctors who have practised at The Clinic have been prominent in both a clinical and public life. Rowley Bristow, Manson Bahr, Arthur Dickson-Wright, Laurence Abel, Ralph Marnham, Terrence Cawthorne, Francis Avery Jones, Ronald Bodley-Scott, Harold Gillies and Archibald McIndoe are remembered for their expertise and pioneering clinical work.

Our teams of dedicated nursing and support staff

Time and again our patients and consultants remark that the care and friendliness from our staff is the best they have seen. Our nurses, technicians, porters and Chefs are all passionate about their roles at The London Clinic and about looking after our patients.

The board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the The London Clinic acts as its Board of Directors, overseeing and directing the activities of the Charity. Their main responsibility is to protect the long term future of the Clinic by ensuring that it is well managed, financially secure and maintains the highest standards of patient care.

The executive board

The Executive Board of Directors manage the running of The London Clinic, supporting the 1,000 staff who look after our patients every day.