The intensive care unit of The London Clinic can rival any similar unit in London in terms of the cases it can take, and the level of care it can provide. To achieve this, the unit is staffed by expert consultants, intensive care fellows and experienced nurses.

The ICU unit is managed by Afonso Varela, and is situated on the second floor of the main hospital site at 20 Devonshire Place.


The team of ICU consultants who manage intensive care at The London Clinic are led by a Clinical Director supported by leading consultants who all are eminent in their fields and hold senior posts at NHS hospitals. 


Consultants provide overall management and expertise but cannot be in The Clinic 24/7. The day-to-day care of patients within the ICU is provided by specialist intensive care doctors known as ICU fellows.


The intensive care unit at The London Clinic would not be able to run without an army of expert nursing staff. The unit needs to be able to call on between 60 and 70 nurses each week to provide the highest quality of care within the ICU.

Our specialised team is able to provide one-to-one care depending on the patients requirements. All of the nursing team are highly experienced in providing intensive care to seriously ill patients, are screened and chosen with care, given additional training as necessary, and supported by the intensive care fellows and consultants.